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We Are The Ones Who'll Die on 2008-12-06

So. A fair amount has been happening recently and I haven't had much of a chance to write about it.

Monday, I went to see four Year Strong at the Underworld in Camden, which was a lot of fun- although I was disappointed by the lack of girls in the club as I thought there would be a lot more. The set list was really good, as well as the support. during the support, one of the strings broke (I believe) and so they resorted to telling dead baby jokes and Madeline McCann jokes. For the record, I do feel guilty for laughing in the way that I knew I'd get struck by lightening on the way home. Oh, yeah- being London and all in the December evenings, it has been freezing! Although, after this club, I walked home in a tshirt. That's how hot it was in there.

Tuesday and Wednesday were fun days, not remotely interesting, yet enjoyable at the most.

Thursday was a struggle. For ages, I've had tickets to see Cancer Bats play at a near by pub for a total of �7- absolute bargain. I didn't have any credit on the phone, and so I spent a good amount of time running around college trying to find my friend, who was going with me. Eventually I managed to borrow my friend's phone to send a text asking his whereabouts. A short while later, my phone rang, so I picked it up and found out that he was ill. I wouldn't care usually, yet hours before the gig I had to be the one to find out that he wasn't going, instead of him telling me asap. That's annoying, right?

So, I started this huge mission of finding someone to go with me as there was no way that i would miss out on something like this. I was turned down by several people, as it wasn't in their interest and it was too short notice. One girl turned me down as she didn't believe the venue had toilets. Eventually, one girl said yes and we arranged the details via someone else's phone as I still had no credit.

Around two hours later, I was in a local area waiting for a hardly publisied signing with the band. I had previously arranged to go to this with the said irresponsible friend, however I decided to go by myself and prove that I was able to do something by myself. I found out in the shop that they were running late and so I went off to HMV to mind my own business for a while. When I was window shopping, my phone rang and it was my saviour of a friend telling me that she was tired and had a headache. I was naturally livid, as previously my friends joked about her not going as she would have a headache (I didn't mention this was the "friend" who left me alone at London music festival after a couple of hours as she was col because of the air conditioning. It's such a joke).

Embarrassingly, I cried. In public. That kind of crying, which originates from frustration. I then called my mum, with the 26p credit I had left, and she said that she'll pick me up. In the car I cried more before deciding that I'd go to the signing anyway- as I'd regret it.

I turned up to the signing, which had no one there except for some guy who was interviewing the band and a couple of people looking at the clothes in the shop. I obviously had red eyes from crying and destroyed make up, but I went in with my head held high. After the guy had finished the interview, I walked on and the band were like "how are you?' implying "are you okay?", as I don't think I hid my emotions very well. I'm not actually going to tell you what happened next, as it's absolutely mortifying, but I'll tell you that it resulted in many sympathetic hugs from the band.

I walked home in a massively better mood and decided to go alone to the gig later, as the band were like "you have to come, we'll be sad if you don't". I turned up, on my own, during the second support act and happily watched from the back, in the dark. While waiting for the main band to come on, Scott walked past me and said "I'm so glad you're here!", which made me feel so much better about myself. I found Liam by the merch, while minding my own business and also he seemed happy that I turned up.

During the band's set, they thanked the 10 people who turned up to the signing and before continuing with the set, they dedicated the next song to me, while announcing to everyone that I came to the signing crying. Great.

After the gig, I went to the stage and climbed up on it (as there were no barriers) and thanked them all with very, very sweaty hugs. Scott even said that I smelt nice, as I was covered in perfume and didn't have the energy to join in with the crowd, so I stood at the side for the entire set. I was given a drumstick and a pick, which made me very happy. I immediately went to the merch stand and bought a Cancer Bats tshirt for �20. I was so happy as I knew I'd regret not going and I suppose if anyone did go with me it wouldn't have turned out how it did.

The next day I logged into MySpace to see this message in my inbox.

cancer bats

I'm genuinely in love with the band.

While telling a selected amount of friends the next day what happened one asked "so did anyone actually talk to you at the gig?" and I replied "only the band". Someone then said "you do realise what you just said?" and we all laughed. And I felt accepted.

Rosie xxxx